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    “Financial Imaging offers my company the fastest turnaround and the best price. If we ever need
    changes made to our statements, they always make them before the next mailing is sent. They are
    very customer service driven and treat us the way a client wants to be treated. I highly recommend
    Financial Imaging to anyone!”

               N.R., AMD

In the publishing and newspaper industry, every circulation director is faced with the same underlying financial objective. Reduce operating costs while increasing cash flow. Financial Imaging was established for just that purpose; however, we not only reduce costs, but also offer many value-added services that wouldn’t normally be available without third party data management intervention.

We can reduce your return mail using our proprietary software, Smart Update. Our secure online systems utilize a numerous database array including NCOA, DOL-Link, Equifax, TransUnion, and much more. We not only validate, but to correctly update your data. These updates are transmitted back to you via 128-Bit encryption in a secure, tab delimited file, usually in the same day files are uploaded.

We reduce returned mail, but also increase your operation efficiency by adding services like Smart CASS at no additional charge.

We offer value and convenience you cannot find anywhere else. Our state-of-the-art software allows us to receive, process and mail through a secure 128-Bit encryption client web portal, usually mailed on the same day.

BRAND YOUR BUSINESS WITH CUSTOM DESIGN. We’ll help you create an effective design – one that reflects your specific brand, account messages, marketing messages, your logo, slogan and all in variable digital color. No matter what type of renewal notice, subscriber statement or invoice you mail, we can accommodate any type of request.