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    “Thank you and your staff for performing such a wonderful job in processing our
    statements and collection letters. As you know in healthcare, providing patients
    with timely statements that are easily understood is the key to our success.
    Shortly after converting our statements to Financial Imaging we noticed an
    improvement in our cash flow, as well as, a reduction in patient telephone
    calls which has been directly attributed to our new statements. We love the
    savings by outsourcing such a cumbersome task, plus, your staff has been
    helpful, courteous, and very professional.”

               G.H., Director of Financial Services

In the healthcare industry, whether a small doctor’s office or a large multi-hospital conglomerate, every organization is faced with the same underlying financial objective, “reduce operating costs.”

Financial Imaging was established just for that purpose; however, we not only reduce costs, but also offer many value-added services that wouldn’t normally be available without third party data management intervention.

With Financial Imaging’s technology, we can reduce mail return by more than 75% utilizing our Smart Update proprietary software. Our on-line systems utilize a 28 database array including NCOA, DOL-Link, Equifax, TransUnion, and more to not only validate, but to correctly update your data. We perform this advanced skip-tracing feature before your mail is processed at NO ADDITIONAL expense to you. These updates are transmitted back to you via 128-Bit encryption technology.

Not only does Financial Imaging reduce mail returns, but we also increase your operation efficiency by adding services like Smart CASS at no additional charge.

No matter what type of statements you mail, Financial Imaging can accommodate most any type of request. Ranging from the most complex multi-page patient friendly bill to a simple payment reminder, we have capabilities to surpass your current needs.

Financial Imaging is perfect for sending letter bills, detail bills, data mailers, summary statements, notices, invoices, and collection letters. Our programming staff can tailor to features and designs highlighting your organizations unique image. Each statement is customized and formatted to your exacting specifications.

Online Solutions

We’re a technology company. Innovation is the key to our entire culture. Our portfolio of innovative solutions is unsurpassed. Our investment in technology pays dividends for your total customer satisfaction.

Your Benefits

  • Online Bill Presentment and Payment: Your clients are provided secure online solutions to view and pay their bills. Plus, we provide advanced solutions for accepting and processing payments.
  • Options: You choose whether to send your statements via USPS, online or both. In addition, our services are available in modules that grow with you. They include Archive Service, PayNow, CareView Total Solution, PayPoint Cash Receipts, Check Intercept and much more.
  • Cost Savings: Online solutions can eliminate your postage and print costs. We build solutions with superior value which avoids your costs of hiring IT staff required for an e-billing system.
  • Faster Payments: Online solutions provide you shorter delivery times and faster payment.
  • Archiving: Give your customer service staff the ability to look up printed bills while helping customers with their payments. Your documents are easily archived on your web servers.
  • Simplify: Why should you worry or spend the money to create online solutions? Simplify your life by outsourcing to an industry leader, Financial Imaging. Save time, save money and eliminate concerns.

Surveys & Reminders…

We measure and report your satisfaction surveys, attitudes and opinions to increase your customer loyalty. Using your customer database or a random sampling from online surveys or direct mail, our services produce results. From customer retention programs to in depth market studies using telephone, online and direct mail, we pride ourselves on designing products and services to address your every need.

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