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    “We have always printed and mailed our statements in-house. The Privacy Act and the implementation of the
    Intelligent Bar Code helped us make the decision to outsource. We are so glad we did. Financial Imaging
    has made it so easy for us. Thanks Financial Imaging!”

               D.G., Water Works and Sewer Board

We can produce quality, professional utility statements for a fraction of any in-house operation.

In the utility industry, whether a small local water authority or a large multi-state power company, each is faced with the same underlying financial objective, “reduce operating costs.” Financial Imaging was established just for that purpose; however, we not only reduce costs, but also offer many value-added services that wouldn’t normally be available without third party data management intervention.

As you are faced with lowering costs, we at Financial Imaging continuously find ways to make your data management activities more cost effective.

With Financial Imaging’s technology, we can reduce mail return by more than 75% utilizing our Smart Update proprietary software. Our on-line systems utilize a 28 database array including NCOA, DOL-Link, Equifax, TransUnion, and more to not only validate information, but to correctly update your data. Not only do we perform this advanced skip-tracing feature before your mail is processed, but it’s completed at NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE TO YOU. These updates are transmitted back to you via 128-Bit encryption technology usually in the same day files are uploaded.

Not only do we reduce mail returns, but we also increase your operation efficiency by adding services like Smart CASS at no additional charge.

No matter what type of utility statement you mail, we can accommodate any type of request. Ranging from the most complex multi-page utility bill to a simple post card reminder, we have capabilities that will surpass your needs. We offer value and convenience you cannot find anywhere. Our state-of-the-art software allows us to receive, process and transmit client data via 128-Bit encryption technology.

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